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Young Parents

Hey guys, welcome back to my parenting blog..

Today I'm going to discuss on a topic that I'm ask most of the time..
As you all know that we're on our way to having a second baby so after our experience with Jaymie in our life, we realize that becoming young parents are actually a lot of fun than what most people say and worry about. The feeling after the first baby is like having the same exam but with an increase level and an deeper desire to make things better...
So lets roll!

Young Parents...

Why is it such a big deal? I can't really get it but that's how people really responds...hahaxD
Maybe adults just have the concept of believing that kids like us just aren't ready for this world..
So..It happens when we're pregnant with Jaymie and now after when Jaymie was born.
Usually when were out with my wife and Jaymie people usually ask..
"How both of you, so young can raise a child like Jaymie?"
People these days simply has the mindset of believing that young parents are always in difficulties in raising babies these days. 
So kind of limiting belief most motivation leaders these days trying to help people to overcome. 

But in fact, young parents in these days are growing in quite a number but what surprises me at the same time is the abortion number as well. And most of it that go on to abortion is simply they did not know what to do which is quite normal and some are actually feeling too ashamed under the eye sight of the society..
How sad to know that..

But the fact is, in this world today there are millions of us who are not only young yet has already made a fortune and too married with kids as well..

That's why I've decide to write something about this topic..
If you're a teen or young adult like me thinking of whether you should start your family or thinking of Abortion (especially!) bare with me just for another a minute or 2...

Whats is it like to be Young Parents?

Well young parents are just parents and we're just younger...hahaXD
We're aren't any stupid kids who play around and got child like most adults think in their minds..
In fact we are even better than any other adults because we're willing to accept the responsibility of baring a child.
Most adults these days especially those are willing to married but aren't really willing to bare a child because they are just too afraid of the responsibility to take care of a baby.
A study made in US shows that there's only 17% of total out of 1000 women who did abortion are teenagers whereas the rest are actually adults that are more older and mature.. 
Click link below to see the study..
So fellow young parents, be proud of yourself that you are willing to pay your responsibility for your kids and spouse..

Young Parents makes better parents as Well..

Well, base on what we see these day, this has becomes truth...
Why? Take this article for example, how many adult are really putting their pride off to listen to a young adult like me?

Most adults these days are just following Taboos and old fashion wisdom to take care of their child.
Don't get me wrong, I love to study all these taboos on line but what i really means is that what they had in mind is just too limited.
Great thing about young parents is that we had a virgin mind that allows us to passionately crave to know more in our area or region. There's nothing wrong with Taboos but instead of sticking with one Taboo we search for the other literary 10-50 or as much we can find online to better understand or support them.

And the second thing is we are more daring to try new things and remedies which are more on healthy and natural. Lets take goat milk for example, when we went for the baby shop to get our goat milk the ones that allows their babies to fed on goat milk were literary all young parents like us that reads blogs and article online before deciding to do so.  

Young Parents = More FUN!!

You probably get the idea by now..
Because we are young we are more interacted with games and fun. That makes us fun parents too. When I went to the clinic every time all i can see was adults with their eyes on their phone and what worse was the young one too have their eyes on one. Speaking of childhood is this the best you could do?

As for Jaymie, yes she loves to look at the i pad some time but when she's out its all about discovery, and the best part we too turn ourselves into babies. Young parents seems to have no pride at all when we're with our baby. We go around, we see all the poster here and there and all the toys on the pediatric clinic and some times we just tickles each other up and have a great laugh while waiting for the check-up... hahaxD 

Just remember to wash your hands and take a bath immediately home after your discovery or bring her to the washrooms for a hand wash. They simply love to play with water.

Young Parents love to cook different cuisines..

One thing we hate the most these days is babies could only have porridge as their solid food. The Chinese traditional way is always pork and rice. Enough of that old way, Why? 
#1 Pork is not as healthy as you think
#2 Rice makes your baby constipate AKA Hard Stools..

We love to cook recipes and purees online ever since Jaymie started to take solid food at  5 months old. We started with organic brown rice at first then fruit purees which she enjoys the most and different types of omelettes, then cheese and chicken soups and purees. She just can't get enough of it but do follow the guideline below in cast she had an allergic problems.

Like Jaymie she can't have too much of carrots and potato when she was young because it just make her constipate most of the time. But after 1 year old things seems to get better. So please be careful when feeding your baby. 
Investigate and always try things out...

Young Parents went Insane on medication info

Last of all, young parent are always cautious on what medications being fed on their baby.
Most adults believes that when the child is sick, just fed them some medications.
This has been on like a trend or bad habit for parents to adopt these day.
The reason is they simply wanted the child to heal up faster so that they don't have to waste time taking care of them and some just want their baby to go to bed so that they can go back to work.

For me and Ruby when its about antibiotics and sick symptom we read every thesis and review i could find online. Antibiotics and sick symptoms seems to be a big deals for us. The reason is we all know there a lot of side effects on medication like resistance and stomach upset AKA G.I. on antibiotic,

And its literary not necessary in most scenario.
And medications seems to stun your babies growth as well. So always try out home remedies instead if its not very serious like a mild fever which babies usually have.

And always consult a doctor for medication implementation even if its just ibuprofen or paracetamol so that you don't overdose your baby.

The End

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  1. I love this. I'm a young parent and I think I do it pretty well. I hate being made to feel ashamed when I mention it or when people seem really shocked. Really we're just like everyone else. It's nice to hear another young parents thoughts

    1. Thank you...
      Happy that you love it...
      Thumbs up for young parents..haha...
      I used to struggle a lot too especially the way my parents look at us...
      But I choose to forgive them because i know its not their fault because they just aren't taught to accept the fact...
      Take good care of ya baby is the best way so that they won't have the same eyes as others when they grow up...=)