Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The True Joy of becoming a Dad

Most people wonders what joy do they still have after they had kid...
Forced to wake up every midnight for diaper changed. Argue with their spouse everyday because of their busy role after their first baby...

Walking miles and miles every night just to put her to bed and let the mother rest..
Blaming each other for the sexual unsatisfactory..
And some even went on a divorce?

Why does that happen?

Think back and you'll kinda realize all the arguments you had is not really truth at all because non of it has your baby in it..

In the end all of that will not even matter for a single drop..
Why do I know that?!

Lucky to say I've been through all that and am still in love with my sweetie and my lil sweet heart...

Call me a hypocrite but for those who are in these troubles doubt that does it risk to not have them?

Woke up everyday with everyone you love and still be able to give unselfish care and love that always had an expandable space every moment together is the greatest joy in becoming a dad and also life..
Life is just beautiful when I'm with them..

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