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Facts that show Women are Amazing!!

Hi, everybody Happy Mother's day!!
*Note : Mother's day is coming so please don't forget to celebrate it on the Sunday after on 10/5/2015.
Either you're a husband with a wife or a son with your lovely mom or an unmarried guy with a girl friend I'm here to tell you that Women are amazing cherish them and love them.

A wise men once told me that "The men can be the head but guess who's the neck? Women!"
*HAHAXD...Funny yet profound..

Throughout century of human evolution, the value of women has always been misunderstood and also because of porn polluted mind of men in some countries they even treat women like dirt with sexual violence taking religious as a weapon instead of a believe of love and peace.
Hate to spoil the pride of men but check this out!

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Why are Women so Amazing

Women are meant to be treated Equal & Respected..

It all started in the story Adam and Eve. 
The first women was made out of a rib Adam that God testify the imperfection of men and women are meant to be one for perfection.
Which men or women they both share the same status yet men did not lost a rib forever yet have the same number of rib which say both husbands and wife deserve respect between each other.
Then again God made women helper of men.
For men don't get excited yet because in the bible also said we must serve before we could lead.
If women was to made to serve men so does women is made to lead men.
Just like the story of head and neck it may seems like the head is in charge but the neck is the one who decides when and where to twist and turns.

Women Leads the Family..

Thank god so much for bringing me such a wonderful wife as well.
Other than the bible our life journey also tell us how amazing women's are.
Its time for dad to give up on the tyranny position, you can't live better without your lady...
Most people doesn't realize that how powerful their mother is these days.
Women has always lead the family ever since.
Imagine how would it be like without having a women in the house to lead.
Remember who's the one that are always by our side in the family when we're sick, unhappy, bullied and in pain. Mom!
Lovely hugs and kisses we that brings so much joy to our childhood that most of us forgotten.
Without them, you'll have to eat chickens that came in boxes everyday, Soups that came in cans. Clothes re-wear until your dad has time to do the laundry once a week. Empty fridge when your sneaking for snacks.
Husbands goes to work with wrinkles on their shirts.
Men will all be trapped outside of the house most of the time because no one's gonna be there when they forget to bring the keys.
And last of all I wouldn't even remind you of whats gonna happen to the kitchen...

Women Leads the Economy...

One of the greatest thing about the world these day is more than 60% of the world are made by women...Yeah!
Talk to any well-known marketer in the world, they will tell you women have better buying power than men do. Admit it! For men when does the last time you really went on to shop for even a basic shirt in the shopping center..
Trace back the CCTV and you'll be amaze how sales are made especially on mother's day.
Women love to invest on themselves which most men don't do and some even do it just for the sake of their career.
Without women, no one on earth could open any shopping centers just for men because they'll have nothing to sell and business that are so rare they wouldn't even care hiring any promoters.
From handbags to purse, lingerie to shirt, and  don't forget perfumes that makes women lovely sweet, they nearly made more than half of the building.
80% of the marketing are meant and designed to attract women...

Women Lives Longer than Men..

This came out in ABC news. How depressing for a male like me to heard that..
A female baby that was born in 2012 can expect to live up to 81.2 years while men can expect to live only 76.4 years, 5 years lesser...!
Other than that women are stronger in utero. Males are slower developed physical than females do which makes males more likely to die if they are preemies due to underdeveloped lungs or brain development..
There's more!
Heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women, but men are more likely to develop it—and die from it—as early as their 30s and 40s.
Women, on the other hand, typically develop heart disease 10 years later than men.
They’re protected from it until menopause, since their bodies churn out estrogen, which helps keep arteries strong and flexible, says Dr. Legato in ABC news.
So please cherish your man and stop blaming them for being selfish since they live five years shorter...(haha just joking)

The link to ABCnews:

After I wrote this blog, I love my wife even more not because I've actually lesser time to live but even if I've to left her first I wanted to be the best man ever for her to live by.
Hope you'll feel the same too....

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That's all for today! Happy Mother's day!

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