Monday, 13 April 2015

How To Prevent Unnecessary Spending on Your Newborn Baby

Having a baby is one of the biggest blessings of all in parenthood but because the economic pressure most parents finds it difficult yet challenging to raise a newborn especially if it’s their first child.

There’s just too overwhelmed since there are a lot of things to purchase and it could possibly spend off most of their parent’s savings which lead parents to financial deficiency.

So for today we will talk about how these 3 easy steps is going to help you enjoy a better parenthood.

Step 1
Have a Purchasing Plan.

Having a purchasing plan that matches your baby’s growth is always critical and yet it allows parents to get a chance to really survey on the pricing instead of a buck purchase.

 One of the biggest mistakes that most new parents fall into is going for a buck purchase which literally causes all your savings.

Before you go ahead and shop for anything always kept in mind that different babies have different needs. Just like getting a baby gate that don’t need it until your baby starts to crawl after 6 or even up to 8 months of ages.  

Newborn has a higher usage in diapers during childhood because of the breast milk they have that cause them to poo 5 to 7 times a day even they fart. Always try from the economic brands to see whether does your babies rashes. Ask for as much samples and trial packs as possible.

Step 2
Get Used Items or Shop on Garage Sales

Babies grow from as little as 7 sizes in their first 2 years of their life now you could imagine how fast that is every month. So it’s wise to get used clothing like shirts, rompers and pants.

And don’t buy too much mittens and socks which most babies stop wearing them after 3 months of age.

Instead of getting your baby gate and cot from Wal-Mart or eBay try and get them from your neighborhood garage sales or you can even find some online as well.

It’s going to save you hundreds but makes sure you get them a new mattress.

Step 3
Use Your Government Provided Health Care

In most countries, their government provides free medical checkup, medication and vaccination injection up to 2 years of age for free like in our country Malaysia
Use them its free! This is going to cause you again thousands of dollars if you’re doing it in a private hospital.

Saves up that money instead for better leisure for your baby like toy or buy your wife a better breast pump if your baby is breast feeding.

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That’s all for today and have a happy parenthood.

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