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Silky Terrier & Baby Parenting (Jaymie, Lucas & Us)

It has been 3 years since we’ve been Lucas’s parents and only 1 year for our baby Jaymie and as far as we notice they are actually quite the same. Lucas is actually our Australia silky terrier which you could see in the picture that my wife and I had when we’re still couple before married.
It’s lucky that both of us turns out to be dog lovers. And somehow since then Lucas has been a huge connecting point that connects us even further in our relationship.
So if you’re really up to having a baby in the future get a dog (adopt one saves up your pennies and you helps homeless animal too (I wish I knew that) HAHA><).
Anyway, today I’m going to share a little bit of what I’ve learn in dog parenting (which is quite commonsense for dog parents) and why is it quite similar with baby parenting.
So let’s ROLL!!

Scenario 1

Both loves food but makes parents choosy

One of the greatest things about babies and pups is, they both loves to eat and they eat a lot. Even if it’s so, as parent one our biggest concern is that we tend to be choosy at what we’re giving to our kids. Let’s take Lucas for example.
Well Lucas loves to eat almost anything that we gives him but one thing about him is that he has food intolerant on lamb protein. Whenever he has lamb dog food his body will have rashes and itches and sometime bleed so we are very choosy when feeding him. So far chicken and fish are quite ok for him is just chicken makes his pee pee quite smelly. The best is fish.
 As for Jaymie, he is like a buffet champion; she could have milk, fruits and omelet in one meal. She just doesn’t know when to get full until recently when she’s full she’ll just takes the food to mummy and say “TA TA” means “Here’s yours” (sort of, HAHAXD). And of course we followed her feeding guide month by month on what to feed her so that she could avoid those allergy foods. And we fed her Kiwi everyday and goat milk instead of cow milk formular.
And trust me on this, all the babies that we encounter in the baby store that had goat milk were extra chubby and rarely see the Pedi for food intolerance and digestive problem A.K.A soft banana poop (saves you a lot of money on medical care and consultation which spends literally hundreds to thousand a month before when we’re still have cow’s formular milk after she stop breastfeed at 6 month)……

For parents please get a copy of this for your baby..
Saves up a lot of trouble trust me...

We're using Karihome since step 1 but can't find the step 1 bottle already..
We're now proceeding to step 2...Yeah

Scenario 2

Curios of everything

Both babies and pups are curios of everything especially papers and plastics. (They just love the snip snib noise of tearing papers and plastics). We’d no idea why Lucas behave like that when he’s 5 months old. Until Jaymie was born then we realize that Jaymie loves the same thing..><
Then we realize that Jaymie and Lucas was just curios of them. So all we have to do is just give it to them and let them play with it and once they no longer curios about it they will just toss it away.(Caution; They might even taste or swallow it). Not only papers whatever new toys (everything is a toy to them from toothbrush to paper to pencil to your ‘undies’><) that comes in front of their eyes as well. They will play it shake it and sometime hide it and forgets about it. Lucas loves to hide all my socks and Jaymie always hides his pacifier in the bed and forgets and cry about it..hahaXD
Here's how Jaymie and Lucas plays together..
Nice bro and sis..XD

Scenario 3

LOVE spells TIME

If you have no time for a pup you have no time for a baby. If you can’t love a pup, it will be extra hard for you to love your baby. That’s why if u really wants a baby try and gets a pup first. Some might argue and said no their not but think again. 
When u have a baby 1/3(2/3 applies for wives) of your time is going to spend on your baby ( diaper changes and baths and milk in the midnight) another 1/3 for your wives since she may not have time to cook and done the laundry and another 1/3 goes to work. (That’s when husbands are upset and wives complains tired and you won’t be having any casual sex for the next 1 year).
Not to mention there’s plenty more of chores like keeping the house hygienic and comfortable during your wives postpartum so that she could feel relieve after her postpartum and showing love to her to make her feel ease (If you really care about her).
For us we’re already used to it since we have a pup.
No offence to take care of a pup is much easier when things come handy to you just like taking care of a baby. But in a different way since pups doesn’t need any care all it needs are training.
Especially house training where you need to train your pup not to pee in the house or doing it in the toilet or outside of the house otherwise you’ll need to mop the floor every 20-30 minutes.(And some pups also pee when you touch them because they gets overly excited about it).
Training your pups when not to bark may also come in handy especially when visitor are around.

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