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Not Having Enough Sex After Childbirth? (part 2)

Hi everybody so we’re back to part 2 for TIP #2 and the rest hope you enjoyed the first one….

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TIP #2….Treat her like a virgin

You must have known by now that “sex” has become a super trigger between the both of you rather than how stimulating it used to be after your baby’s arrival. It may not make sense to you but the reason is your wife has just turned virgin (mentally). Like what I said before the body she has now is no longer the ones she used to had before child birth.

In another words, she has now been mentally put into a virgin situation where she needs to have sex with this new body of her. Just like when you dated your wife on her first date, you wouldn’t treat your lady with the same words like “sex” to put her on the bed right? So treat her like a virgin that she deserves to be and forget about all the insane sexual violence you used to.


  • Change the way you use to have sex together, focus more on pleasure, try stimulating her emotions, give her a nice massage start and re-explore together once again like what you did before and you’ll realize how the spark plug really works when you get the hang of it.

TIP #3….Is She Feeling Secure in the marriage after baby?

One thing that no women could have enough is the sense of security they get from their man especially new mother’s with postpartum blues. They eventually need more security than any other type of women.

Firstly to adapt their life as new mom and secondly since they now have temporarily lost their ability to produce wealth they are not feeling as secure as they. And that’s why women are more reliable to their men in this period of time.

So as a husband and a new dad the new challenge is to simple provide them the type of security needed to your women and child in terms of physical, mental and finance.


  • Physical Security
Physical security, what do I mean by that? First thing that every woman would expect even for a long married couple would be a strong and stiff guy that she could rely on. I do not mean you have to be as good looking as body builders in fact most women actually prefers fat guys it all depends on the women’s desire. But my point here is could you carry her. You could look skinny good but could you carry her and protect her when she needed you the most. At first I thought it was just hypocrite too as I read some of the comment on forums online but as long as I learn to do that our life changes a lot. I think also thinks that the reasons why women prefer strong guy even without the looks because they just simply love to be taken care, being carry just like a baby.

  • Mentally Secure
The second thing beside physical security is mental security and these we’ve actually touch on. Women need continuous support and affirmation. So the best ways is still always works on the trust and tease her like she’s never been with any men before. Show her how much you love her.

  • Financial Security
And the last part which is also the most realistic part which most guys would escape Is their financial situation. Are you giving your wife enough financial security? Since your wife couldn’t be working for a short period of time its wise that you could provide her enough financial support for to raise the baby mean while she’s still in her postpartum period. Diapers, milk and other accessories could be so costly that it might spent out all your savings.

Here's how to save Up your money for your newborn: Click Here For Article

TIP #4….Do Not Left Her to Sleep with Her Baby Alone without You

Never ever choose to abandon your wife and baby, either you join them or u let the baby sleeps alone not mom and baby alone. Biggest mistakes that most new couple did is to sleep separately letting the mother sleeps alone with the baby because this is going to kill all her sexual hormone.

Researchers has shown that couples who sleeps together produces better sexual hormones than couples who decides to sleep separately. Expert John Dittami have also founded that “Women enjoy male presence psychologically even though it cost them minutes or even hours of sleep.”

Experts have also review that a woman sleeps better after sexual intercourse. Besides that sleeping with your spouse will also raises their oxytocin level which makes your relationship with your lady better and at the same time lowers the level of cytokines that causes inflammation in the body.


  • The best to solve the problem is to actually teach your baby to sleeps alone or just move the cot in the room so that both of you could have the bed together.

Here are the 4Tips that both of us find it very useful hope it helps…
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