Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The True Joy of becoming a Dad

Most people wonders what joy do they still have after they had kid...
Forced to wake up every midnight for diaper changed. Argue with their spouse everyday because of their busy role after their first baby...

Walking miles and miles every night just to put her to bed and let the mother rest..
Blaming each other for the sexual unsatisfactory..
And some even went on a divorce?

Why does that happen?

Think back and you'll kinda realize all the arguments you had is not really truth at all because non of it has your baby in it..

In the end all of that will not even matter for a single drop..
Why do I know that?!

Lucky to say I've been through all that and am still in love with my sweetie and my lil sweet heart...

Call me a hypocrite but for those who are in these troubles doubt that does it risk to not have them?

Woke up everyday with everyone you love and still be able to give unselfish care and love that always had an expandable space every moment together is the greatest joy in becoming a dad and also life..
Life is just beautiful when I'm with them..

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Monday, 13 April 2015

How To Prevent Unnecessary Spending on Your Newborn Baby

Having a baby is one of the biggest blessings of all in parenthood but because the economic pressure most parents finds it difficult yet challenging to raise a newborn especially if it’s their first child.

There’s just too overwhelmed since there are a lot of things to purchase and it could possibly spend off most of their parent’s savings which lead parents to financial deficiency.

So for today we will talk about how these 3 easy steps is going to help you enjoy a better parenthood.

Step 1
Have a Purchasing Plan.

Having a purchasing plan that matches your baby’s growth is always critical and yet it allows parents to get a chance to really survey on the pricing instead of a buck purchase.

 One of the biggest mistakes that most new parents fall into is going for a buck purchase which literally causes all your savings.

Before you go ahead and shop for anything always kept in mind that different babies have different needs. Just like getting a baby gate that don’t need it until your baby starts to crawl after 6 or even up to 8 months of ages.  

Newborn has a higher usage in diapers during childhood because of the breast milk they have that cause them to poo 5 to 7 times a day even they fart. Always try from the economic brands to see whether does your babies rashes. Ask for as much samples and trial packs as possible.

Step 2
Get Used Items or Shop on Garage Sales

Babies grow from as little as 7 sizes in their first 2 years of their life now you could imagine how fast that is every month. So it’s wise to get used clothing like shirts, rompers and pants.

And don’t buy too much mittens and socks which most babies stop wearing them after 3 months of age.

Instead of getting your baby gate and cot from Wal-Mart or eBay try and get them from your neighborhood garage sales or you can even find some online as well.

It’s going to save you hundreds but makes sure you get them a new mattress.

Step 3
Use Your Government Provided Health Care

In most countries, their government provides free medical checkup, medication and vaccination injection up to 2 years of age for free like in our country Malaysia
Use them its free! This is going to cause you again thousands of dollars if you’re doing it in a private hospital.

Saves up that money instead for better leisure for your baby like toy or buy your wife a better breast pump if your baby is breast feeding.

Check this out for
wealth management advice : Money can only be an Advancement never the prior 

That’s all for today and have a happy parenthood.

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Not Having Enough Sex After Childbirth? (part 2)

Hi everybody so we’re back to part 2 for TIP #2 and the rest hope you enjoyed the first one….

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Yet you're gonna love this one..
But if you haven’t seen the first one I’ll recommend you go back to the first one before you start with this one….=)

TIP #2….Treat her like a virgin

You must have known by now that “sex” has become a super trigger between the both of you rather than how stimulating it used to be after your baby’s arrival. It may not make sense to you but the reason is your wife has just turned virgin (mentally). Like what I said before the body she has now is no longer the ones she used to had before child birth.

In another words, she has now been mentally put into a virgin situation where she needs to have sex with this new body of her. Just like when you dated your wife on her first date, you wouldn’t treat your lady with the same words like “sex” to put her on the bed right? So treat her like a virgin that she deserves to be and forget about all the insane sexual violence you used to.


  • Change the way you use to have sex together, focus more on pleasure, try stimulating her emotions, give her a nice massage start and re-explore together once again like what you did before and you’ll realize how the spark plug really works when you get the hang of it.

TIP #3….Is She Feeling Secure in the marriage after baby?

One thing that no women could have enough is the sense of security they get from their man especially new mother’s with postpartum blues. They eventually need more security than any other type of women.

Firstly to adapt their life as new mom and secondly since they now have temporarily lost their ability to produce wealth they are not feeling as secure as they. And that’s why women are more reliable to their men in this period of time.

So as a husband and a new dad the new challenge is to simple provide them the type of security needed to your women and child in terms of physical, mental and finance.


  • Physical Security
Physical security, what do I mean by that? First thing that every woman would expect even for a long married couple would be a strong and stiff guy that she could rely on. I do not mean you have to be as good looking as body builders in fact most women actually prefers fat guys it all depends on the women’s desire. But my point here is could you carry her. You could look skinny good but could you carry her and protect her when she needed you the most. At first I thought it was just hypocrite too as I read some of the comment on forums online but as long as I learn to do that our life changes a lot. I think also thinks that the reasons why women prefer strong guy even without the looks because they just simply love to be taken care, being carry just like a baby.

  • Mentally Secure
The second thing beside physical security is mental security and these we’ve actually touch on. Women need continuous support and affirmation. So the best ways is still always works on the trust and tease her like she’s never been with any men before. Show her how much you love her.

  • Financial Security
And the last part which is also the most realistic part which most guys would escape Is their financial situation. Are you giving your wife enough financial security? Since your wife couldn’t be working for a short period of time its wise that you could provide her enough financial support for to raise the baby mean while she’s still in her postpartum period. Diapers, milk and other accessories could be so costly that it might spent out all your savings.

Here's how to save Up your money for your newborn: Click Here For Article

TIP #4….Do Not Left Her to Sleep with Her Baby Alone without You

Never ever choose to abandon your wife and baby, either you join them or u let the baby sleeps alone not mom and baby alone. Biggest mistakes that most new couple did is to sleep separately letting the mother sleeps alone with the baby because this is going to kill all her sexual hormone.

Researchers has shown that couples who sleeps together produces better sexual hormones than couples who decides to sleep separately. Expert John Dittami have also founded that “Women enjoy male presence psychologically even though it cost them minutes or even hours of sleep.”

Experts have also review that a woman sleeps better after sexual intercourse. Besides that sleeping with your spouse will also raises their oxytocin level which makes your relationship with your lady better and at the same time lowers the level of cytokines that causes inflammation in the body.


  • The best to solve the problem is to actually teach your baby to sleeps alone or just move the cot in the room so that both of you could have the bed together.

Here are the 4Tips that both of us find it very useful hope it helps…
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Friday, 10 April 2015

Not Having Enough Sex After Childbirth?

Sexual issues are likely one of the biggest headache of all times in early stages of parenting. What worse is there’s actually no real solution address to these issues since different couples has different sex life and different situation in between each spouse.

Some would argue that they don’t have enough time;
well some would say they are too tired for it.
Some even say they rather nap than sex.

What concludes all is that you just couldn't “start your engine”.
Today if you search on Google and related forums you could literally found millions of different views and comment and even divorces because of this sexual issue of lacking sex.

How do I know all these?
Well I have to admit it that me and my wife have suffered the same problem ourselves too but the good news is we've found a perfect solution for it that works for us.

SO here are some suggestion and views that I’ll like to share with you all;

TIP #1….Your Sex Life has been upgraded!
Thanks to the arrival your baby your sex life is now upgraded! When most people believes that this is a joke, I’m not Joking at all. Let me proves it to you. At the beginning of all most sex life that we encounter from starts with exploration, curiosities then again upgraded to love and passion and again lead to your “fruition”(if you know what I mean). Until that point, everything was beautiful but what wonders you is that why the cycle doesn't returns like what it should be in your sex life? Why can’t you just seem to “start your engine (Libido)”.
Here’s the answer that you've been waiting for. The answer is the word “Trust” not thrust (HAHAXD). Like any other apps and games, when it’s upgraded it required a new tech and in your sex life it requires more trust. Its trust that keeps you and your partner together in the first place and it will be trust that enhances everything in a marriage.
To build more trust first we have to see what the root is and where to put this beautiful tech.
Most guys don’t understand that 80% of the women have postpartum blues after their childbirth which they needs to overcome in order love and accept their new identity and body.
Another word; Women don’t trust their beauty anymore. Which is leads to a horrible fact that they distrust their men and thinks they are no longer sexually attracts to them.
So as men we have a very important role to play which is to stop relating thrust and trust instead build real trust not just for yourself but to let women trust themselves again. Remember! Women desire TRUST not THRUST…

·         Solution:
Men should start learning how to express their love. One thing I've realize is that women often disbelieve that men doesn't love them if they didn't say it out. But they didn't realize that it’s actually because men has a weakness on expressing themselves since most men are born logical thinker and women are more emotional based. Men need to learn how to express your love in words to let women realize how much you really appreciate them. Instead of just looking at other surprise them by telling her something sweet like “you look beautiful” or even a nice “Good morning” could actually warms up their heart instead of the zombie look from taking care of the baby last night. Especially how lovely they look while taking care of the baby like “Darling, you look amazing with the kids” so and so. Let them feel that sense of love and importance once again and you’ll get what you desired of.

Hey guys to make the blog post more easier to view instead of a long article that puts you to boredom I've split it into 2 parts so for part 2 please click here.....Not Having Enough Sex After Childbirth? (2)

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Healthy Habits Happy Child

Hi everybody, this is probably one of the most enjoying posts of all time that I’ve written and recorded so far.
I believe every parents wants to have to give their a happy childhood but most  parents misunderstood that happy childhood doesn't have to be like the cotton candy and ice-cream all parents believe it could be simply easy and healthy.
In this blog post I’m going to share with you all about how healthy habits can give you a happy child.
Here's a few suggestions on how to give your baby the happiest childhood of their life.
So let’s get started..
7 ways that’s going to give a blast to boredom and a warm welcome to a joyous childhood...

TIP #1
Look for opportunity to have fun with your baby
Babies are one of the most pure and pack up with curiosity of all time which makes them easily excitable and fun to play with just anything you could find of. Always finds opportunity for you to enjoy your time with your baby and here’s an example of how we did it...

TIP #2
Play her favorite game with her everyday
Babies brain are actually zero when their first born and starts to learn and develop literally every month until they are three years old. Because of this, Most parents today tend to teach their babies with ABCs and numbers that have bored them up try instead of learning activities which stimulates their learning behavior more than letters and numbers. You’ll be surprise when you realize how fast they learn.

TIP #3
Make music apart of their life.
It has proven for centuries that music is one of the great ways to improve a child’s brain development even when they are still forming their brains during early stage of pregnancy.
While babies, they aren’t steady enough to put ear plug on instead learn to bring more fun into music by dancing with them and as soon as you’ll realize their sensitivity on music will increase
like this….

TIP #4
Fulfill their curiosity
Well if you’re new parents you might be wondering why are babies so happy or excited when they got their hands on literally everything. Especially paper and plastic even a rattle that makes a lot of noise. It’s simply because they are curios. Well for most parents they will just put away those things or even stop them. Please don’t do that, because when you stop them from exploring new things they really do and it will apply as a shadow or fear in their future behavior. Just try and fulfill their behavior but just be sure they are being supervised when doing so.

TIP #5
Revise their Memory
Get a camera or use your iphone or ipad to record down all those great memories and laughter’s you have together not only does it serves as a memory yet show it back to your baby just like revising homework. You’ll know how much they appreciate compare to those songs and rhymes you found could easily found online or youtube.

TIP #6
Cook her favorite food
For babies any food could be her favorite food since their tastes buds are still under development. Keep on trying new recipes and please be cautious on allergy issues. Well for Jaymie her favorite are soft Omelets with cheddar and kiwi( which we fed her 1-2 a day ).

Omelette with cheddar in the middle..Her favorite!

TIP #7
Health and Happy are twin brothers
Always remember that healthy babies are happy babies (you’ll get the Idea....D=). always makes sure that your baby are having a healthy diet and sleeping routine since babies brain are still under development makes sure you’re baby have enough sleep throughout the day.

"I wonder whats for dinner later" dreamed Baby..XD

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