Monday, 1 June 2015

First Trimester Tips

Hey guys, we're still in first trimester and we kinda realize this time more things happening compare to the time when we're having Jaymie..

Every Pregnancy is amazingly different in terms of feelings and needs. The morning sickness you had or the sudden change of appetite?

Well most people would argue its because of the sex of the baby or even the size of the baby that is developing in the womb. Most scientists would just say its the change of hormone in the women body.

So its actually a point that's not really matters at all as long you know how to take care of yourself and meets your needs when you feels dizzy or lacking of appetite...

 But except for the basic needs of foods and sleep there are also some issues that you will need to solve so that you could simply have more Joy throughout the pregnancy..

#1 The Environment

I'm putting this in the top of the list simply because its one of the easiest within all the other points. All you need to do is to make sure you have a clean space on the place that you'll be resting in the month. Especially if you have a lad like me that's active and places her toys all around makes sure you ask your partner to help clean it up in case you don't step on it or vacuum on it at least twice a week if he or she is really busy.

#2 Entertainments 

In this month, most women will suffer a lot of morning sickness where you'll feeling sick and simply do not know how are you going to make through the day. So besides the a clean environment make sure that you put some entertainment with ya but you do need to steer clear of all the emissions and radiations. Like i phones and i pads and even try turning off the WiFi when your not using it. Because the radiation emits will not only make you sick its gonna makes the baby inside feels sick as well. So try to steer clear of all these as much as possible even if you do need you phone or pad make sure they are operated with sufficient otherwise they will emits a lot of radiations. Try to have some books, magazines and snacks or even pictures. Beautiful pictures of babies or the nature have great impact on you and your baby though.

#3 Express yourself 

Well in first trimester, expressing how you feels in a great way to let your partner understands how he can co-operate with you instead of lying there waiting for him to ask and you getting angry later. Tell him or the people around you depends on who you're living with your needs. Tell them how are you feeling today as much as could so that they know and you feeling better about yourself. Prenatal education kicks in as well in first trimester. Start telling the baby about the weather and feelings and joy makes both of you happy and comfortable as well.

#4 Presents of others

Don't follow the Taboo of keeping it as a secret alone. Its not easy and its lonely especially when you're pregnant. Let others accompany you throughout the journey. Your hubby can't stay with you 24-7 there has to be a time when he's not around and you're all alone. Make sure you have someone to accompany you because its the riskiest time of pregnancy during first trimester so its always wise to have someone. Other than what makes a women more pleasure and joy than having some lady time with you pals or even your mom.

#5 A healthy diet

Last of all, careful of whatcha eating, and tryna find some healthy substitute for ya unhealthy crave. Stevia instead of sugar. Have some meat even you don't feel like having them you might need some extra irons. Eggs, yogurts, cheese and greens. Reduce as much sodium as possible because ya baby's kidney has just developed. Try to have more raisin and nuts that give you more energy and balance up those sweet crave with some sucrose. And raisin is really good to ease those constipation you're having after having those folic acid supplements. Drink plenty you do realize your moving to the washrooms more often as usual just make sure you don't get dehydrated. If you're tired of water put some lemon on it, it cures nausea as well.

The End

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