Monday, 1 June 2015

First Trimester Tips

Hey guys, we're still in first trimester and we kinda realize this time more things happening compare to the time when we're having Jaymie..

Every Pregnancy is amazingly different in terms of feelings and needs. The morning sickness you had or the sudden change of appetite?

Well most people would argue its because of the sex of the baby or even the size of the baby that is developing in the womb. Most scientists would just say its the change of hormone in the women body.

So its actually a point that's not really matters at all as long you know how to take care of yourself and meets your needs when you feels dizzy or lacking of appetite...

 But except for the basic needs of foods and sleep there are also some issues that you will need to solve so that you could simply have more Joy throughout the pregnancy..

#1 The Environment

I'm putting this in the top of the list simply because its one of the easiest within all the other points. All you need to do is to make sure you have a clean space on the place that you'll be resting in the month. Especially if you have a lad like me that's active and places her toys all around makes sure you ask your partner to help clean it up in case you don't step on it or vacuum on it at least twice a week if he or she is really busy.

#2 Entertainments 

In this month, most women will suffer a lot of morning sickness where you'll feeling sick and simply do not know how are you going to make through the day. So besides the a clean environment make sure that you put some entertainment with ya but you do need to steer clear of all the emissions and radiations. Like i phones and i pads and even try turning off the WiFi when your not using it. Because the radiation emits will not only make you sick its gonna makes the baby inside feels sick as well. So try to steer clear of all these as much as possible even if you do need you phone or pad make sure they are operated with sufficient otherwise they will emits a lot of radiations. Try to have some books, magazines and snacks or even pictures. Beautiful pictures of babies or the nature have great impact on you and your baby though.

#3 Express yourself 

Well in first trimester, expressing how you feels in a great way to let your partner understands how he can co-operate with you instead of lying there waiting for him to ask and you getting angry later. Tell him or the people around you depends on who you're living with your needs. Tell them how are you feeling today as much as could so that they know and you feeling better about yourself. Prenatal education kicks in as well in first trimester. Start telling the baby about the weather and feelings and joy makes both of you happy and comfortable as well.

#4 Presents of others

Don't follow the Taboo of keeping it as a secret alone. Its not easy and its lonely especially when you're pregnant. Let others accompany you throughout the journey. Your hubby can't stay with you 24-7 there has to be a time when he's not around and you're all alone. Make sure you have someone to accompany you because its the riskiest time of pregnancy during first trimester so its always wise to have someone. Other than what makes a women more pleasure and joy than having some lady time with you pals or even your mom.

#5 A healthy diet

Last of all, careful of whatcha eating, and tryna find some healthy substitute for ya unhealthy crave. Stevia instead of sugar. Have some meat even you don't feel like having them you might need some extra irons. Eggs, yogurts, cheese and greens. Reduce as much sodium as possible because ya baby's kidney has just developed. Try to have more raisin and nuts that give you more energy and balance up those sweet crave with some sucrose. And raisin is really good to ease those constipation you're having after having those folic acid supplements. Drink plenty you do realize your moving to the washrooms more often as usual just make sure you don't get dehydrated. If you're tired of water put some lemon on it, it cures nausea as well.

The End

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Young Parents

Hey guys, welcome back to my parenting blog..

Today I'm going to discuss on a topic that I'm ask most of the time..
As you all know that we're on our way to having a second baby so after our experience with Jaymie in our life, we realize that becoming young parents are actually a lot of fun than what most people say and worry about. The feeling after the first baby is like having the same exam but with an increase level and an deeper desire to make things better...
So lets roll!

Young Parents...

Why is it such a big deal? I can't really get it but that's how people really responds...hahaxD
Maybe adults just have the concept of believing that kids like us just aren't ready for this world..
So..It happens when we're pregnant with Jaymie and now after when Jaymie was born.
Usually when were out with my wife and Jaymie people usually ask..
"How both of you, so young can raise a child like Jaymie?"
People these days simply has the mindset of believing that young parents are always in difficulties in raising babies these days. 
So kind of limiting belief most motivation leaders these days trying to help people to overcome. 

But in fact, young parents in these days are growing in quite a number but what surprises me at the same time is the abortion number as well. And most of it that go on to abortion is simply they did not know what to do which is quite normal and some are actually feeling too ashamed under the eye sight of the society..
How sad to know that..

But the fact is, in this world today there are millions of us who are not only young yet has already made a fortune and too married with kids as well..

That's why I've decide to write something about this topic..
If you're a teen or young adult like me thinking of whether you should start your family or thinking of Abortion (especially!) bare with me just for another a minute or 2...

Whats is it like to be Young Parents?

Well young parents are just parents and we're just younger...hahaXD
We're aren't any stupid kids who play around and got child like most adults think in their minds..
In fact we are even better than any other adults because we're willing to accept the responsibility of baring a child.
Most adults these days especially those are willing to married but aren't really willing to bare a child because they are just too afraid of the responsibility to take care of a baby.
A study made in US shows that there's only 17% of total out of 1000 women who did abortion are teenagers whereas the rest are actually adults that are more older and mature.. 
Click link below to see the study..
So fellow young parents, be proud of yourself that you are willing to pay your responsibility for your kids and spouse..

Young Parents makes better parents as Well..

Well, base on what we see these day, this has becomes truth...
Why? Take this article for example, how many adult are really putting their pride off to listen to a young adult like me?

Most adults these days are just following Taboos and old fashion wisdom to take care of their child.
Don't get me wrong, I love to study all these taboos on line but what i really means is that what they had in mind is just too limited.
Great thing about young parents is that we had a virgin mind that allows us to passionately crave to know more in our area or region. There's nothing wrong with Taboos but instead of sticking with one Taboo we search for the other literary 10-50 or as much we can find online to better understand or support them.

And the second thing is we are more daring to try new things and remedies which are more on healthy and natural. Lets take goat milk for example, when we went for the baby shop to get our goat milk the ones that allows their babies to fed on goat milk were literary all young parents like us that reads blogs and article online before deciding to do so.  

Young Parents = More FUN!!

You probably get the idea by now..
Because we are young we are more interacted with games and fun. That makes us fun parents too. When I went to the clinic every time all i can see was adults with their eyes on their phone and what worse was the young one too have their eyes on one. Speaking of childhood is this the best you could do?

As for Jaymie, yes she loves to look at the i pad some time but when she's out its all about discovery, and the best part we too turn ourselves into babies. Young parents seems to have no pride at all when we're with our baby. We go around, we see all the poster here and there and all the toys on the pediatric clinic and some times we just tickles each other up and have a great laugh while waiting for the check-up... hahaxD 

Just remember to wash your hands and take a bath immediately home after your discovery or bring her to the washrooms for a hand wash. They simply love to play with water.

Young Parents love to cook different cuisines..

One thing we hate the most these days is babies could only have porridge as their solid food. The Chinese traditional way is always pork and rice. Enough of that old way, Why? 
#1 Pork is not as healthy as you think
#2 Rice makes your baby constipate AKA Hard Stools..

We love to cook recipes and purees online ever since Jaymie started to take solid food at  5 months old. We started with organic brown rice at first then fruit purees which she enjoys the most and different types of omelettes, then cheese and chicken soups and purees. She just can't get enough of it but do follow the guideline below in cast she had an allergic problems.

Like Jaymie she can't have too much of carrots and potato when she was young because it just make her constipate most of the time. But after 1 year old things seems to get better. So please be careful when feeding your baby. 
Investigate and always try things out...

Young Parents went Insane on medication info

Last of all, young parent are always cautious on what medications being fed on their baby.
Most adults believes that when the child is sick, just fed them some medications.
This has been on like a trend or bad habit for parents to adopt these day.
The reason is they simply wanted the child to heal up faster so that they don't have to waste time taking care of them and some just want their baby to go to bed so that they can go back to work.

For me and Ruby when its about antibiotics and sick symptom we read every thesis and review i could find online. Antibiotics and sick symptoms seems to be a big deals for us. The reason is we all know there a lot of side effects on medication like resistance and stomach upset AKA G.I. on antibiotic,

And its literary not necessary in most scenario.
And medications seems to stun your babies growth as well. So always try out home remedies instead if its not very serious like a mild fever which babies usually have.

And always consult a doctor for medication implementation even if its just ibuprofen or paracetamol so that you don't overdose your baby.

The End

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Our New Member!

Hey guys, we went for our check out today...
We were actually planning to do it next week but we woke up this morning too excited to wait for it so without further ado here's our new family member...

We went for a check up at the nearby private Hospt. so that we dont need to wait for it this morning...
Lucky there we we're the first to be here so we get to meet the doctor right away we reach there...

Never realize there's heartbeat at this early age before..
At least I learn something new today..hahaXD 

Thank God...Everything is fine for now we did both ultra sound on the belly and through the vag..
As usual Ruby needs to take a 5mg of folic acid supplement a day which we already taking it ever since we did realize Ruby is pregnant after we test it with the tester right before we sees the doctor..

The Truth about Folic Acid  
It only works best before you are pregnant and during the first few weeks of pregnancy..
After that i will not help much and actually does cause constipation for some pregnant ladies.... 
If you're pregnant right now and your taking folic acid that has been causing constipation try to have folic acid from food instead of pills.
Its going to work much more better..

Here's Jaymie and her mom during lunch at Subway...
She love it since she never tried it before..hahaXD
Its an amazing day for us today....

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Parenting Change with a 2nd Baby

Hey guys, how you'all doing? Hope you all be doing great..

So finally after me and Ruby has been discussing about a second baby so that Jaymie won't can have a brother or sister to play with and BOOM! A miracle just happen this mothers day and Ruby is pregnant again...Yeah!
But we'll give it a double confirm on a doctors checkup next week..

What we feel about a second baby?

We haven't felt so much joy and happiness even though we are always happy and joy thanks to our Baby Jaymie..hahaXD

Of course for the chinese there's a old Taboo thing that you can't tell anybody about you're pregnant for the first stage but it does't matter to us because I believe God is with us and he shall guide and give protect upon our baby.

So we really took this a great blessing from God Himself. And today we kinda went out for a celebration here you can see me, Ruby and Jaymie are having Japanese food today...Yeah..
It was a wonderful meal.... We had Age Dashi Tofu and some Sushi.. And its Jaymie's first time on Sushi...
Jaymie is sharing a bento with her mum in the photo so excited of her to try out new things...hahaxD
Today was an Amazing day...

So today I'll be sharing on whats going to be like when you're expecting your second pregnancy...

Morning Sickness

One thing for sure we are already suffering is a more intense nausea or morning sickness which we wake up every morning feeling really bad about it...
And sometimes it just hits you in the midnight as well..
Even I'm involve because of the hormonal changes in the mother's body the father will gets morning sickness too as well...
When we we're pregnant on Jaymie I get a little bit too but this time it gets worse..
Hope its gonna turn out to be a boy or maybe twins which i'm kinda expecting it...
But Ruby just wants another girl so that 3 of them can enjoy bath time together..

Changed in appetite

A super charged appetite is another thing..
I'm still normal with that part cause I'm not really affecting much of the appetite but for Ruby she eats a lot and drinks a lot...
Especially in the night she will crave over a lot of types of food...HahaXD
Spicy food or even chicken wings..
So I'll need to run around to get them for her...
I'm not sure about other women but she told me that she can actually smells the food that she craves for....

Relationship closer

For many couples, young couples especially that we read through they actually kinda struggle when they hits the other baby. They might worry about sex or financial status but for us sex we always has a way to settle it and as for finance, yes we din have really a lot but some how we just know there has to be a way to go through all these because we had none when we had Jaymie and life was tougher so for the coming on its going to bring me into a newer challenge in life.
One thing youth parents have is energy, we tend to believe we can achieve most things if you're reading this and you're a part of youth parents all I could say is never ever ever give up on yourself because we are meant to create miracles,
Don't give up you won't regret it when you sees your baby given birth and the first touching was amazing. And it always the adversity that makes you cherish your partner and child much more than other people..
When we got our child most people even ask us to abandon it but Me an Ruby we conscious and we strive through it and here we are happily with Jaymie.

Say Your Prayers

It doesn't really matter if you're a single mother or you're facing any difficulty with your pregnancy or some of you were just teenagers which I've seen many you are not alone and God is here with you..
Thank God for your blessing. Every child is a blessing from god make sure you thank God for that..
And be sure that you ask for this guidance and protection.
We are only mere humans and what we can do are really much of a limit sometime but with his love and guidance you'll be invincible trust me.
We've through the Journey and we know much more about how it feels especially when you're pregnant and you became more aware of whats around and ,more sensitive about the people views and opinion.
Talk to Him and even ask for his guidance..
Things will change...

So that's all for today..
Stay tuned for more blogs on parenting and pregnancy guide as well..
Happy Motherhood for all those mothers out there..

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Marriage Life Lessons

Hey guys, thanks for all your support, i got quite a lot of impressions and comment from my post on Google+...

You guys really inspires me a lot to write out good content.
And last night a lady asked me an amazing question, she asked that whether i can live without a women and my answer is no...I can't..

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Some men may find it disgrace but for me I felt love when I'm thinking about the answers in my mind. I gave her an example on sex.

Saying that we're all equal, just like man can't expect himself to have premature ejaculation neither do the women. If guy makes her orgasm, she'll go all the way and make him orgasm as a favor.
So as our marriage life..

If you love your wife, takes good care of her, she takes good care of you too...
Here's the difference...!
Does it mean you have to treat her like a Queen? Yes!
But as a favor she'll crown you TWICE as her King forever...

No one can stands alone in a marriage...

One thing i really can't agree with marriage is the men has to lead the way in the family...
Trust me men, eventually you lead no way with this TABOO....

In our marriage life I'm thankful that god allows me to fall in love with a women that has a good patients but not a good temper. Well I have a good temper, most men has one but they just never let go of their pride when they wrong. Apologize with my lady used to be a hard thing to do.

But God humbles me with her temper and allows me to learn how to love a woman by simply letting go of what he hates the most which is our pride in every man. Be honest with me guys, how many times that if we would just let go of our pride and simply talk to her when she's angry and sad about you? Maybe that's why god made Eve as Adam's helper in the first place.

I believe so as my lady. Ever since I'd learn to let go of my pride, her temper improves. Whenever an argue comes into our marriage we kinda able to solve things out talking about our feeling and cares about each other. By the end of the day that's all we wanted..

Being able Love and Care for each other is an priceless lesson that learns only from experience and letting go of our pride..

So I believe in every marriage non of us is perfect we all need each other and that is what makes us a family. Expressing honesty upon our love ones is an amazing

A wise man once said "Our life is a mirror of our inner world, It reflects everything. So as our marriage!"
Hope you'll enjoy your marriage life as well..=)

That's all for today! Happy Mother's day!

Dedicated to my Queen:
"Thank you for everything Darling, I Love you So much and even more in our coming days...Happy Mother's Day"

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Whats Satisfies Us Parents

Having my time teaching Jaymie reading today, well she can't read well yet except for bubba and mama...but still I enjoy that..hahaXD

So hey guys, how you'all doing?
Hope that you all been enjoying your parenting journey..
I actually finds it very funny to write this post cause most of the things that satisfies me in taking care of my sweetie are kinda weird..hahaXD
Or maybe its what most parents do...

A good nice poop in the potty?

Bam!! I believe this is only what parents will understand that. My sister can't understand that at all since she didn't had any baby yet. I thought i was the weirdo until i went on the internet and forum and I found out that there's actually thousands of parents were trying hard on making their baby on potty train too. What does pooping in the potty so exciting about. Its exciting cause it means you're baby is finally growing up..hahaxD  We only succeed for once but it feels like a....Yeah!!

Buba in the morning!!

U just cant wait to hear the first buba in the morning..
Owh!! that work 10x better than self affirmation...
The moment they open their bed and climb down from their bed for a hug worth more than a million...
Sometime she just sits on my face..hahaxD
But you'll get the point..


It might be an turn off for most parents but guess what its the most time your baby need you the most.
I know you get all the crying and stuff but you get all the hugs and appreciation from your baby too! Just like us even for adults, everyone need a somebody around even if its just sitting there looking at each others.


I don't know how many of you have the old fashion breakfast together but in our home we practice sits together and and says our prayers. I doesn't works at start cause baby won't have enough patient to wait for us to finish the prayer to have her omelette but after sometimes she did get used to it..
But she does get upsets when I hold mommy's hands..hahaxD

Nap time ..hahaXD

She whimps a lot but when she sleeps she looks exactly like a angel!! My wife caught this when we're having our nap in the living room..

That's all for today! Happy Mother's day! Its on the coming Week!

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Selfies of My Queen Ruby and Princess Jaymie!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Facts that show Women are Amazing!!

Hi, everybody Happy Mother's day!!
*Note : Mother's day is coming so please don't forget to celebrate it on the Sunday after on 10/5/2015.
Either you're a husband with a wife or a son with your lovely mom or an unmarried guy with a girl friend I'm here to tell you that Women are amazing cherish them and love them.

A wise men once told me that "The men can be the head but guess who's the neck? Women!"
*HAHAXD...Funny yet profound..

Throughout century of human evolution, the value of women has always been misunderstood and also because of porn polluted mind of men in some countries they even treat women like dirt with sexual violence taking religious as a weapon instead of a believe of love and peace.
Hate to spoil the pride of men but check this out!

Click here for tips to improve marriage sex after baby
Why are Women so Amazing

Women are meant to be treated Equal & Respected..

It all started in the story Adam and Eve. 
The first women was made out of a rib Adam that God testify the imperfection of men and women are meant to be one for perfection.
Which men or women they both share the same status yet men did not lost a rib forever yet have the same number of rib which say both husbands and wife deserve respect between each other.
Then again God made women helper of men.
For men don't get excited yet because in the bible also said we must serve before we could lead.
If women was to made to serve men so does women is made to lead men.
Just like the story of head and neck it may seems like the head is in charge but the neck is the one who decides when and where to twist and turns.

Women Leads the Family..

Thank god so much for bringing me such a wonderful wife as well.
Other than the bible our life journey also tell us how amazing women's are.
Its time for dad to give up on the tyranny position, you can't live better without your lady...
Most people doesn't realize that how powerful their mother is these days.
Women has always lead the family ever since.
Imagine how would it be like without having a women in the house to lead.
Remember who's the one that are always by our side in the family when we're sick, unhappy, bullied and in pain. Mom!
Lovely hugs and kisses we that brings so much joy to our childhood that most of us forgotten.
Without them, you'll have to eat chickens that came in boxes everyday, Soups that came in cans. Clothes re-wear until your dad has time to do the laundry once a week. Empty fridge when your sneaking for snacks.
Husbands goes to work with wrinkles on their shirts.
Men will all be trapped outside of the house most of the time because no one's gonna be there when they forget to bring the keys.
And last of all I wouldn't even remind you of whats gonna happen to the kitchen...

Women Leads the Economy...

One of the greatest thing about the world these day is more than 60% of the world are made by women...Yeah!
Talk to any well-known marketer in the world, they will tell you women have better buying power than men do. Admit it! For men when does the last time you really went on to shop for even a basic shirt in the shopping center..
Trace back the CCTV and you'll be amaze how sales are made especially on mother's day.
Women love to invest on themselves which most men don't do and some even do it just for the sake of their career.
Without women, no one on earth could open any shopping centers just for men because they'll have nothing to sell and business that are so rare they wouldn't even care hiring any promoters.
From handbags to purse, lingerie to shirt, and  don't forget perfumes that makes women lovely sweet, they nearly made more than half of the building.
80% of the marketing are meant and designed to attract women...

Women Lives Longer than Men..

This came out in ABC news. How depressing for a male like me to heard that..
A female baby that was born in 2012 can expect to live up to 81.2 years while men can expect to live only 76.4 years, 5 years lesser...!
Other than that women are stronger in utero. Males are slower developed physical than females do which makes males more likely to die if they are preemies due to underdeveloped lungs or brain development..
There's more!
Heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women, but men are more likely to develop it—and die from it—as early as their 30s and 40s.
Women, on the other hand, typically develop heart disease 10 years later than men.
They’re protected from it until menopause, since their bodies churn out estrogen, which helps keep arteries strong and flexible, says Dr. Legato in ABC news.
So please cherish your man and stop blaming them for being selfish since they live five years shorter...(haha just joking)

The link to ABCnews:

After I wrote this blog, I love my wife even more not because I've actually lesser time to live but even if I've to left her first I wanted to be the best man ever for her to live by.
Hope you'll feel the same too....

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That's all for today! Happy Mother's day!

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Our Wedding Photo

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The True Joy of becoming a Dad

Most people wonders what joy do they still have after they had kid...
Forced to wake up every midnight for diaper changed. Argue with their spouse everyday because of their busy role after their first baby...

Walking miles and miles every night just to put her to bed and let the mother rest..
Blaming each other for the sexual unsatisfactory..
And some even went on a divorce?

Why does that happen?

Think back and you'll kinda realize all the arguments you had is not really truth at all because non of it has your baby in it..

In the end all of that will not even matter for a single drop..
Why do I know that?!

Lucky to say I've been through all that and am still in love with my sweetie and my lil sweet heart...

Call me a hypocrite but for those who are in these troubles doubt that does it risk to not have them?

Woke up everyday with everyone you love and still be able to give unselfish care and love that always had an expandable space every moment together is the greatest joy in becoming a dad and also life..
Life is just beautiful when I'm with them..

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If you think it's meaningful share it out and let other parents experience its beauty...

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Monday, 13 April 2015

How To Prevent Unnecessary Spending on Your Newborn Baby

Having a baby is one of the biggest blessings of all in parenthood but because the economic pressure most parents finds it difficult yet challenging to raise a newborn especially if it’s their first child.

There’s just too overwhelmed since there are a lot of things to purchase and it could possibly spend off most of their parent’s savings which lead parents to financial deficiency.

So for today we will talk about how these 3 easy steps is going to help you enjoy a better parenthood.

Step 1
Have a Purchasing Plan.

Having a purchasing plan that matches your baby’s growth is always critical and yet it allows parents to get a chance to really survey on the pricing instead of a buck purchase.

 One of the biggest mistakes that most new parents fall into is going for a buck purchase which literally causes all your savings.

Before you go ahead and shop for anything always kept in mind that different babies have different needs. Just like getting a baby gate that don’t need it until your baby starts to crawl after 6 or even up to 8 months of ages.  

Newborn has a higher usage in diapers during childhood because of the breast milk they have that cause them to poo 5 to 7 times a day even they fart. Always try from the economic brands to see whether does your babies rashes. Ask for as much samples and trial packs as possible.

Step 2
Get Used Items or Shop on Garage Sales

Babies grow from as little as 7 sizes in their first 2 years of their life now you could imagine how fast that is every month. So it’s wise to get used clothing like shirts, rompers and pants.

And don’t buy too much mittens and socks which most babies stop wearing them after 3 months of age.

Instead of getting your baby gate and cot from Wal-Mart or eBay try and get them from your neighborhood garage sales or you can even find some online as well.

It’s going to save you hundreds but makes sure you get them a new mattress.

Step 3
Use Your Government Provided Health Care

In most countries, their government provides free medical checkup, medication and vaccination injection up to 2 years of age for free like in our country Malaysia
Use them its free! This is going to cause you again thousands of dollars if you’re doing it in a private hospital.

Saves up that money instead for better leisure for your baby like toy or buy your wife a better breast pump if your baby is breast feeding.

Check this out for
wealth management advice : Money can only be an Advancement never the prior 

That’s all for today and have a happy parenthood.

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Not Having Enough Sex After Childbirth? (part 2)

Hi everybody so we’re back to part 2 for TIP #2 and the rest hope you enjoyed the first one….

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Yet you're gonna love this one..
But if you haven’t seen the first one I’ll recommend you go back to the first one before you start with this one….=)

TIP #2….Treat her like a virgin

You must have known by now that “sex” has become a super trigger between the both of you rather than how stimulating it used to be after your baby’s arrival. It may not make sense to you but the reason is your wife has just turned virgin (mentally). Like what I said before the body she has now is no longer the ones she used to had before child birth.

In another words, she has now been mentally put into a virgin situation where she needs to have sex with this new body of her. Just like when you dated your wife on her first date, you wouldn’t treat your lady with the same words like “sex” to put her on the bed right? So treat her like a virgin that she deserves to be and forget about all the insane sexual violence you used to.


  • Change the way you use to have sex together, focus more on pleasure, try stimulating her emotions, give her a nice massage start and re-explore together once again like what you did before and you’ll realize how the spark plug really works when you get the hang of it.

TIP #3….Is She Feeling Secure in the marriage after baby?

One thing that no women could have enough is the sense of security they get from their man especially new mother’s with postpartum blues. They eventually need more security than any other type of women.

Firstly to adapt their life as new mom and secondly since they now have temporarily lost their ability to produce wealth they are not feeling as secure as they. And that’s why women are more reliable to their men in this period of time.

So as a husband and a new dad the new challenge is to simple provide them the type of security needed to your women and child in terms of physical, mental and finance.


  • Physical Security
Physical security, what do I mean by that? First thing that every woman would expect even for a long married couple would be a strong and stiff guy that she could rely on. I do not mean you have to be as good looking as body builders in fact most women actually prefers fat guys it all depends on the women’s desire. But my point here is could you carry her. You could look skinny good but could you carry her and protect her when she needed you the most. At first I thought it was just hypocrite too as I read some of the comment on forums online but as long as I learn to do that our life changes a lot. I think also thinks that the reasons why women prefer strong guy even without the looks because they just simply love to be taken care, being carry just like a baby.

  • Mentally Secure
The second thing beside physical security is mental security and these we’ve actually touch on. Women need continuous support and affirmation. So the best ways is still always works on the trust and tease her like she’s never been with any men before. Show her how much you love her.

  • Financial Security
And the last part which is also the most realistic part which most guys would escape Is their financial situation. Are you giving your wife enough financial security? Since your wife couldn’t be working for a short period of time its wise that you could provide her enough financial support for to raise the baby mean while she’s still in her postpartum period. Diapers, milk and other accessories could be so costly that it might spent out all your savings.

Here's how to save Up your money for your newborn: Click Here For Article

TIP #4….Do Not Left Her to Sleep with Her Baby Alone without You

Never ever choose to abandon your wife and baby, either you join them or u let the baby sleeps alone not mom and baby alone. Biggest mistakes that most new couple did is to sleep separately letting the mother sleeps alone with the baby because this is going to kill all her sexual hormone.

Researchers has shown that couples who sleeps together produces better sexual hormones than couples who decides to sleep separately. Expert John Dittami have also founded that “Women enjoy male presence psychologically even though it cost them minutes or even hours of sleep.”

Experts have also review that a woman sleeps better after sexual intercourse. Besides that sleeping with your spouse will also raises their oxytocin level which makes your relationship with your lady better and at the same time lowers the level of cytokines that causes inflammation in the body.


  • The best to solve the problem is to actually teach your baby to sleeps alone or just move the cot in the room so that both of you could have the bed together.

Here are the 4Tips that both of us find it very useful hope it helps…
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Friday, 10 April 2015

Not Having Enough Sex After Childbirth?

Sexual issues are likely one of the biggest headache of all times in early stages of parenting. What worse is there’s actually no real solution address to these issues since different couples has different sex life and different situation in between each spouse.

Some would argue that they don’t have enough time;
well some would say they are too tired for it.
Some even say they rather nap than sex.

What concludes all is that you just couldn't “start your engine”.
Today if you search on Google and related forums you could literally found millions of different views and comment and even divorces because of this sexual issue of lacking sex.

How do I know all these?
Well I have to admit it that me and my wife have suffered the same problem ourselves too but the good news is we've found a perfect solution for it that works for us.

SO here are some suggestion and views that I’ll like to share with you all;

TIP #1….Your Sex Life has been upgraded!
Thanks to the arrival your baby your sex life is now upgraded! When most people believes that this is a joke, I’m not Joking at all. Let me proves it to you. At the beginning of all most sex life that we encounter from starts with exploration, curiosities then again upgraded to love and passion and again lead to your “fruition”(if you know what I mean). Until that point, everything was beautiful but what wonders you is that why the cycle doesn't returns like what it should be in your sex life? Why can’t you just seem to “start your engine (Libido)”.
Here’s the answer that you've been waiting for. The answer is the word “Trust” not thrust (HAHAXD). Like any other apps and games, when it’s upgraded it required a new tech and in your sex life it requires more trust. Its trust that keeps you and your partner together in the first place and it will be trust that enhances everything in a marriage.
To build more trust first we have to see what the root is and where to put this beautiful tech.
Most guys don’t understand that 80% of the women have postpartum blues after their childbirth which they needs to overcome in order love and accept their new identity and body.
Another word; Women don’t trust their beauty anymore. Which is leads to a horrible fact that they distrust their men and thinks they are no longer sexually attracts to them.
So as men we have a very important role to play which is to stop relating thrust and trust instead build real trust not just for yourself but to let women trust themselves again. Remember! Women desire TRUST not THRUST…

·         Solution:
Men should start learning how to express their love. One thing I've realize is that women often disbelieve that men doesn't love them if they didn't say it out. But they didn't realize that it’s actually because men has a weakness on expressing themselves since most men are born logical thinker and women are more emotional based. Men need to learn how to express your love in words to let women realize how much you really appreciate them. Instead of just looking at other surprise them by telling her something sweet like “you look beautiful” or even a nice “Good morning” could actually warms up their heart instead of the zombie look from taking care of the baby last night. Especially how lovely they look while taking care of the baby like “Darling, you look amazing with the kids” so and so. Let them feel that sense of love and importance once again and you’ll get what you desired of.

Hey guys to make the blog post more easier to view instead of a long article that puts you to boredom I've split it into 2 parts so for part 2 please click here.....Not Having Enough Sex After Childbirth? (2)

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Healthy Habits Happy Child

Hi everybody, this is probably one of the most enjoying posts of all time that I’ve written and recorded so far.
I believe every parents wants to have to give their a happy childhood but most  parents misunderstood that happy childhood doesn't have to be like the cotton candy and ice-cream all parents believe it could be simply easy and healthy.
In this blog post I’m going to share with you all about how healthy habits can give you a happy child.
Here's a few suggestions on how to give your baby the happiest childhood of their life.
So let’s get started..
7 ways that’s going to give a blast to boredom and a warm welcome to a joyous childhood...

TIP #1
Look for opportunity to have fun with your baby
Babies are one of the most pure and pack up with curiosity of all time which makes them easily excitable and fun to play with just anything you could find of. Always finds opportunity for you to enjoy your time with your baby and here’s an example of how we did it...

TIP #2
Play her favorite game with her everyday
Babies brain are actually zero when their first born and starts to learn and develop literally every month until they are three years old. Because of this, Most parents today tend to teach their babies with ABCs and numbers that have bored them up try instead of learning activities which stimulates their learning behavior more than letters and numbers. You’ll be surprise when you realize how fast they learn.

TIP #3
Make music apart of their life.
It has proven for centuries that music is one of the great ways to improve a child’s brain development even when they are still forming their brains during early stage of pregnancy.
While babies, they aren’t steady enough to put ear plug on instead learn to bring more fun into music by dancing with them and as soon as you’ll realize their sensitivity on music will increase
like this….

TIP #4
Fulfill their curiosity
Well if you’re new parents you might be wondering why are babies so happy or excited when they got their hands on literally everything. Especially paper and plastic even a rattle that makes a lot of noise. It’s simply because they are curios. Well for most parents they will just put away those things or even stop them. Please don’t do that, because when you stop them from exploring new things they really do and it will apply as a shadow or fear in their future behavior. Just try and fulfill their behavior but just be sure they are being supervised when doing so.

TIP #5
Revise their Memory
Get a camera or use your iphone or ipad to record down all those great memories and laughter’s you have together not only does it serves as a memory yet show it back to your baby just like revising homework. You’ll know how much they appreciate compare to those songs and rhymes you found could easily found online or youtube.

TIP #6
Cook her favorite food
For babies any food could be her favorite food since their tastes buds are still under development. Keep on trying new recipes and please be cautious on allergy issues. Well for Jaymie her favorite are soft Omelets with cheddar and kiwi( which we fed her 1-2 a day ).

Omelette with cheddar in the middle..Her favorite!

TIP #7
Health and Happy are twin brothers
Always remember that healthy babies are happy babies (you’ll get the Idea....D=). always makes sure that your baby are having a healthy diet and sleeping routine since babies brain are still under development makes sure you’re baby have enough sleep throughout the day.

"I wonder whats for dinner later" dreamed Baby..XD

Recommend: Silky Terrier and Baby Parenting ( Jaymie, Lucas and Us)

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Silky Terrier & Baby Parenting (Jaymie, Lucas & Us)

It has been 3 years since we’ve been Lucas’s parents and only 1 year for our baby Jaymie and as far as we notice they are actually quite the same. Lucas is actually our Australia silky terrier which you could see in the picture that my wife and I had when we’re still couple before married.
It’s lucky that both of us turns out to be dog lovers. And somehow since then Lucas has been a huge connecting point that connects us even further in our relationship.
So if you’re really up to having a baby in the future get a dog (adopt one saves up your pennies and you helps homeless animal too (I wish I knew that) HAHA><).
Anyway, today I’m going to share a little bit of what I’ve learn in dog parenting (which is quite commonsense for dog parents) and why is it quite similar with baby parenting.
So let’s ROLL!!

Scenario 1

Both loves food but makes parents choosy

One of the greatest things about babies and pups is, they both loves to eat and they eat a lot. Even if it’s so, as parent one our biggest concern is that we tend to be choosy at what we’re giving to our kids. Let’s take Lucas for example.
Well Lucas loves to eat almost anything that we gives him but one thing about him is that he has food intolerant on lamb protein. Whenever he has lamb dog food his body will have rashes and itches and sometime bleed so we are very choosy when feeding him. So far chicken and fish are quite ok for him is just chicken makes his pee pee quite smelly. The best is fish.
 As for Jaymie, he is like a buffet champion; she could have milk, fruits and omelet in one meal. She just doesn’t know when to get full until recently when she’s full she’ll just takes the food to mummy and say “TA TA” means “Here’s yours” (sort of, HAHAXD). And of course we followed her feeding guide month by month on what to feed her so that she could avoid those allergy foods. And we fed her Kiwi everyday and goat milk instead of cow milk formular.
And trust me on this, all the babies that we encounter in the baby store that had goat milk were extra chubby and rarely see the Pedi for food intolerance and digestive problem A.K.A soft banana poop (saves you a lot of money on medical care and consultation which spends literally hundreds to thousand a month before when we’re still have cow’s formular milk after she stop breastfeed at 6 month)……

For parents please get a copy of this for your baby..
Saves up a lot of trouble trust me...

We're using Karihome since step 1 but can't find the step 1 bottle already..
We're now proceeding to step 2...Yeah

Scenario 2

Curios of everything

Both babies and pups are curios of everything especially papers and plastics. (They just love the snip snib noise of tearing papers and plastics). We’d no idea why Lucas behave like that when he’s 5 months old. Until Jaymie was born then we realize that Jaymie loves the same thing..><
Then we realize that Jaymie and Lucas was just curios of them. So all we have to do is just give it to them and let them play with it and once they no longer curios about it they will just toss it away.(Caution; They might even taste or swallow it). Not only papers whatever new toys (everything is a toy to them from toothbrush to paper to pencil to your ‘undies’><) that comes in front of their eyes as well. They will play it shake it and sometime hide it and forgets about it. Lucas loves to hide all my socks and Jaymie always hides his pacifier in the bed and forgets and cry about it..hahaXD
Here's how Jaymie and Lucas plays together..
Nice bro and sis..XD

Scenario 3

LOVE spells TIME

If you have no time for a pup you have no time for a baby. If you can’t love a pup, it will be extra hard for you to love your baby. That’s why if u really wants a baby try and gets a pup first. Some might argue and said no their not but think again. 
When u have a baby 1/3(2/3 applies for wives) of your time is going to spend on your baby ( diaper changes and baths and milk in the midnight) another 1/3 for your wives since she may not have time to cook and done the laundry and another 1/3 goes to work. (That’s when husbands are upset and wives complains tired and you won’t be having any casual sex for the next 1 year).
Not to mention there’s plenty more of chores like keeping the house hygienic and comfortable during your wives postpartum so that she could feel relieve after her postpartum and showing love to her to make her feel ease (If you really care about her).
For us we’re already used to it since we have a pup.
No offence to take care of a pup is much easier when things come handy to you just like taking care of a baby. But in a different way since pups doesn’t need any care all it needs are training.
Especially house training where you need to train your pup not to pee in the house or doing it in the toilet or outside of the house otherwise you’ll need to mop the floor every 20-30 minutes.(And some pups also pee when you touch them because they gets overly excited about it).
Training your pups when not to bark may also come in handy especially when visitor are around.

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