Saturday, 8 April 2017

The surprising House Plant..

One of the tricky thing when u try to have a house plant is that without experience you'll most likely have to buy some fresh pack every one or 2 months...
But here's tricky one that's not only gonna last you for decades but yet its grows and multiply..

The Pothos...

NASA studies has confirmed that house plants has the ability to cleanse air almost 87% of pollution in the house and that's what we need the most...
Clean air not only that but fresh ones fill with fresh Oxygen especially when you have a pack of 3 to 5 in the house.

And these Pothos just happens to be one of the best Ideas you can ever get your hands on.
They are easy to take care of
(since they happens to be Amphibian living in both water and soil and can survive with or without proper sunlight).
Of course there many house plants but most of them need a proper sunlight to grow like the Aloe Vera which took months to see anything and one died (unfortunately).

The pothos seems to have no problem surviving in the house yet the have such fast ability to grow and regenerate new ones even we don't get much sunlight in the house. And the best part is all u need to do is to check on the water level once a month if  your planting them in water. Use pebbles to fill with water so mosquito cant breed in it.

Just within a few months from one stick we now have tons of it in the house both upstairs and downstairs and in the living room and bed room hanging on the wall and stair ways giving fresh and clean Around the house and more are coming.

The best part is we get to recycle all the plastic bottles we have in the house instead of just throwing them away and polluting the place, and its even better to do this with the kids and not making soil all over. You can even plant them in a slurpee plastic cup if u happens to have any. The one 1 do it with a 1.5 liter water bottle makes it easy to change the water. All i need to do is just unscrew the cap to remove the water..

And I also made tons of them to hang on the wall with a half litter bottle with a plastic string with we get from take away foods hows that for recycle...HAHA..

Be creative with it and who's know different kind of bottles can have different effect on it..
Better than keeping all those pots in the house the transparency of the bottle gives it a clear and transparency feeling. And you could just hung them Anywhere No fear of breaking glass or pot or soil all over..
Thats so cool...
Share it to you're friend if u like it so that they too can get the idea and pls try them...
Have a nice day...