Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Whats Satisfies Us Parents

Having my time teaching Jaymie reading today, well she can't read well yet except for bubba and mama...but still I enjoy that..hahaXD

So hey guys, how you'all doing?
Hope that you all been enjoying your parenting journey..
I actually finds it very funny to write this post cause most of the things that satisfies me in taking care of my sweetie are kinda weird..hahaXD
Or maybe its what most parents do...

A good nice poop in the potty?

Bam!! I believe this is only what parents will understand that. My sister can't understand that at all since she didn't had any baby yet. I thought i was the weirdo until i went on the internet and forum and I found out that there's actually thousands of parents were trying hard on making their baby on potty train too. What does pooping in the potty so exciting about. Its exciting cause it means you're baby is finally growing up..hahaxD  We only succeed for once but it feels like a....Yeah!!

Buba in the morning!!

U just cant wait to hear the first buba in the morning..
Owh!! that work 10x better than self affirmation...
The moment they open their bed and climb down from their bed for a hug worth more than a million...
Sometime she just sits on my face..hahaxD
But you'll get the point..


It might be an turn off for most parents but guess what its the most time your baby need you the most.
I know you get all the crying and stuff but you get all the hugs and appreciation from your baby too! Just like us even for adults, everyone need a somebody around even if its just sitting there looking at each others.


I don't know how many of you have the old fashion breakfast together but in our home we practice sits together and and says our prayers. I doesn't works at start cause baby won't have enough patient to wait for us to finish the prayer to have her omelette but after sometimes she did get used to it..
But she does get upsets when I hold mommy's hands..hahaxD

Nap time ..hahaXD

She whimps a lot but when she sleeps she looks exactly like a angel!! My wife caught this when we're having our nap in the living room..

That's all for today! Happy Mother's day! Its on the coming Week!

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Selfies of My Queen Ruby and Princess Jaymie!

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