Friday, 10 April 2015

Not Having Enough Sex After Childbirth?

Sexual issues are likely one of the biggest headache of all times in early stages of parenting. What worse is there’s actually no real solution address to these issues since different couples has different sex life and different situation in between each spouse.

Some would argue that they don’t have enough time;
well some would say they are too tired for it.
Some even say they rather nap than sex.

What concludes all is that you just couldn't “start your engine”.
Today if you search on Google and related forums you could literally found millions of different views and comment and even divorces because of this sexual issue of lacking sex.

How do I know all these?
Well I have to admit it that me and my wife have suffered the same problem ourselves too but the good news is we've found a perfect solution for it that works for us.

SO here are some suggestion and views that I’ll like to share with you all;

TIP #1….Your Sex Life has been upgraded!
Thanks to the arrival your baby your sex life is now upgraded! When most people believes that this is a joke, I’m not Joking at all. Let me proves it to you. At the beginning of all most sex life that we encounter from starts with exploration, curiosities then again upgraded to love and passion and again lead to your “fruition”(if you know what I mean). Until that point, everything was beautiful but what wonders you is that why the cycle doesn't returns like what it should be in your sex life? Why can’t you just seem to “start your engine (Libido)”.
Here’s the answer that you've been waiting for. The answer is the word “Trust” not thrust (HAHAXD). Like any other apps and games, when it’s upgraded it required a new tech and in your sex life it requires more trust. Its trust that keeps you and your partner together in the first place and it will be trust that enhances everything in a marriage.
To build more trust first we have to see what the root is and where to put this beautiful tech.
Most guys don’t understand that 80% of the women have postpartum blues after their childbirth which they needs to overcome in order love and accept their new identity and body.
Another word; Women don’t trust their beauty anymore. Which is leads to a horrible fact that they distrust their men and thinks they are no longer sexually attracts to them.
So as men we have a very important role to play which is to stop relating thrust and trust instead build real trust not just for yourself but to let women trust themselves again. Remember! Women desire TRUST not THRUST…

·         Solution:
Men should start learning how to express their love. One thing I've realize is that women often disbelieve that men doesn't love them if they didn't say it out. But they didn't realize that it’s actually because men has a weakness on expressing themselves since most men are born logical thinker and women are more emotional based. Men need to learn how to express your love in words to let women realize how much you really appreciate them. Instead of just looking at other surprise them by telling her something sweet like “you look beautiful” or even a nice “Good morning” could actually warms up their heart instead of the zombie look from taking care of the baby last night. Especially how lovely they look while taking care of the baby like “Darling, you look amazing with the kids” so and so. Let them feel that sense of love and importance once again and you’ll get what you desired of.

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