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Healthy Habits Happy Child

Hi everybody, this is probably one of the most enjoying posts of all time that I’ve written and recorded so far.
I believe every parents wants to have to give their a happy childhood but most  parents misunderstood that happy childhood doesn't have to be like the cotton candy and ice-cream all parents believe it could be simply easy and healthy.
In this blog post I’m going to share with you all about how healthy habits can give you a happy child.
Here's a few suggestions on how to give your baby the happiest childhood of their life.
So let’s get started..
7 ways that’s going to give a blast to boredom and a warm welcome to a joyous childhood...

TIP #1
Look for opportunity to have fun with your baby
Babies are one of the most pure and pack up with curiosity of all time which makes them easily excitable and fun to play with just anything you could find of. Always finds opportunity for you to enjoy your time with your baby and here’s an example of how we did it...

TIP #2
Play her favorite game with her everyday
Babies brain are actually zero when their first born and starts to learn and develop literally every month until they are three years old. Because of this, Most parents today tend to teach their babies with ABCs and numbers that have bored them up try instead of learning activities which stimulates their learning behavior more than letters and numbers. You’ll be surprise when you realize how fast they learn.

TIP #3
Make music apart of their life.
It has proven for centuries that music is one of the great ways to improve a child’s brain development even when they are still forming their brains during early stage of pregnancy.
While babies, they aren’t steady enough to put ear plug on instead learn to bring more fun into music by dancing with them and as soon as you’ll realize their sensitivity on music will increase
like this….

TIP #4
Fulfill their curiosity
Well if you’re new parents you might be wondering why are babies so happy or excited when they got their hands on literally everything. Especially paper and plastic even a rattle that makes a lot of noise. It’s simply because they are curios. Well for most parents they will just put away those things or even stop them. Please don’t do that, because when you stop them from exploring new things they really do and it will apply as a shadow or fear in their future behavior. Just try and fulfill their behavior but just be sure they are being supervised when doing so.

TIP #5
Revise their Memory
Get a camera or use your iphone or ipad to record down all those great memories and laughter’s you have together not only does it serves as a memory yet show it back to your baby just like revising homework. You’ll know how much they appreciate compare to those songs and rhymes you found could easily found online or youtube.

TIP #6
Cook her favorite food
For babies any food could be her favorite food since their tastes buds are still under development. Keep on trying new recipes and please be cautious on allergy issues. Well for Jaymie her favorite are soft Omelets with cheddar and kiwi( which we fed her 1-2 a day ).

Omelette with cheddar in the middle..Her favorite!

TIP #7
Health and Happy are twin brothers
Always remember that healthy babies are happy babies (you’ll get the Idea....D=). always makes sure that your baby are having a healthy diet and sleeping routine since babies brain are still under development makes sure you’re baby have enough sleep throughout the day.

"I wonder whats for dinner later" dreamed Baby..XD

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